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Purchase sets of EZLeaps for your school and sport teams.

Imagine a whole day with all shoelaces tied.  No worrying about tripping, injuries or timeouts to tie a shoe.  Does this sound like a productive day?

EZLeaps Shoe Tying Aid is designed for teaching groups of children all at one time.

We’d love for you to email us a video of how you use EZLeaps in a group setting.  We may add it to our video library.

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Coaches have so much to do to keep a practice or game moving and productive.  Tying shoe laces takes away from the coaches focus.  We are also trying to empower players to do their best and just play- being able to tie their own laces helps young players take control of their activity and just keep playing and learning.

Peter Jeans, Youth Soccer Coach

Coach with team of children playing soccer