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Shoe Tying

EZLeaps is company devoted to helping children reach milestones by offering practical teaching tools that build independence.

We provide parents & educators with teaching tools to effectively educate children.  Meeting milestones is an important part of development.  Children are unique and learn at their own pace. Our products support  their stages of learning & development.

EZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool teaches children how to tie their shoes for the first time. It’s super simple, saves time and pops off at the end.

Our second product, Thumbkin, helps children learn to stop sucking their fingers/thumb.  It’s been helping children for over a decade and is so positive, effective and saves time &money.  After age 4, thumb sucking can cause major dental damage and speech problems.  Costs associated with fixing the structure of the palate, jaws and proper placement of teeth can cost over $5,000 in orthodontic care.  Thumbkin provides the system, plan and tools needed for parents to help their child in the most positive and effective way.  Visit www.Thumbkin.com

We’re bubbling with excitement for our next Teaching Tool Products.  Stay tuned, as they’re  just around the corner.  If you have products that fits our company and you would like to discuss opportunities, please contact us at info@EZLeaps.com.

Sloan-Eileen-Headshot   About the Founder

Eileen Sloan Founder/Product Development

Eileen is a wife, mother of two adult daughters  and a former elementary school teacher who witnessed first-hand the struggles children face when learning new skills.  As a mother and teacher, Eileen would often seek out products to help her be a more effective educator.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

Shoe Tying was definitely a problem to be solved. The length of time it took Eileen in her own classroom to teach one child was exhausting, not to mention a class of 30 first graders.  Eileen knew if the laces could be held in place as “pause points” the children would learn so quickly.  There were no products on the market to help, so Eileen took the task to heart and she sought to devolope her own solution.  She went home and cut holes and slits in plastic coffee can lids.  When using her new “invention” with her students, the children were learning in just a few tries and then transitioned perfectly without using the tool.  Eileen knew she had something.  She took the leap of faith and started her full-time business EZLeaps.  It’s always been her passion to solve problems and make life a little easier for children.

Eileen also developed Thumbkin. When her own daughter sucked her thumb after age 4 there were no positive solutions on the market to help her daughter.  Her family orthodontist, Dr. Moravec, was reluctant but did tell her about the “rake” that is a fixed appliance that would prick her daughter’s finger when she put it in her mouth.  That did not match Eileen’s parenting style, so she sought out to create her own positive, rewarding and life-long solution to thumb sucking.  For over a decade, Dr. Moravec, dentists, pediatrician, speech pathologists and other professionals have been recommending Thumbkin to their patients. Visit www.Thumbkin.com .

Eileen is excited about the next products and would truly appreciate your help in spreading the word about EZLeaps.