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July 23, 2013

Nordstrom Kids’ Shoe Tying Classes

shoe tyingNordstrom Kids’ Shoe Tying Classes are held the third Saturday of every month at your local Nordstrom store. We’re proud to be a part of the classes as Nordstrom partners with EZLeaps Shoe Tying Tool to help their children learn.

Learn Shoe Tying

I’ll be flying to Chicago in August to visit the Nordstrom stores for the launch of our product. I’m excited to meet everyone at Nordstrom and the kids who will be attending.  It is a great opportunity to partner with such a wonderful company.

Nordstrom’s shoe department is committed to helping kiddos learn shoe tying and I am excited to be a part of this partnership.  Please contact your local store to sign-up for their complimentary shoe tying class and mention you heard about it from EZLeaps.

Finding your local Nordstrom Shoe Tying class

To find your local Nordstrom store, simply go to their store locator link and search by your zip code.  That way, you can find the shoe tying class that is nearest to you.  One of their shoe department professionals will be able to help you get signed up so that you can participate.  It is a fun event and everyone with little ones should plan on attending.


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